DoomGirl (doomgirl) wrote in devils_night,

Cross Posted to communities with fans of The Crow

Hi Everyone. I've joined many communities in the past couple of days - all with interest in "The Crow". My reason for this is to invite everyone out to a Personal Appearance with James O'Barr in the Dallas, Texas area. My apologies if this message does not relate to you.

James will be signing autographs and selling merchandise at Dallas FestEvil on Sunday October 24, 2004 from 8 to 11pm. He will be at the Shadowmorph booth located next to the stage.

Dallas FestEvil is a haunted house on Irving "Boo-levard" in Dallas. The admission price is only $2.00 to get in and then you choose whether or not you would like to enter the haunted houses and the monster maze for an additional fee. There are bands, food and vendors and always interesting events going on. More info can be obtained at

Those of you who are interested in meeting the creative genius behind "The Crow", please join us on the 24th.

Thanks! And apologies to anyone who may have received this message more than once, or unwanted.
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