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hey, im new so i feel im obligated to post about me

Name: Colleen

Age: 16

Nicknames: never really had one, feel free to make one up for me though

sexuality: straight

Movies: the crow, igby goes down, reality bites, eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, most alfred hitchcock movies, fear of loathing in las vegas and more

Music: i could go on forever, but some favorites are, the cure, the faint, the fever, me without you, the clash, interpol, the killers, lot of classic rock, lot of indy lots of everything else, i try to be open to anything

The last show you went to: Curiosa Fest to see the cure and interpol, that was in the summer since then ive been slacking off but really wanted to see the faint and the blood brothers but couldnt go

Something interesting about yourself: im a vegeterian, i figure skate and coach figure skating but despise most fellow skaters

Aim: my screen name is Kkickthecorpse, IM me sometime

thats about it, i had to join this cause i love the crow of corse and always want to meet new crow fans

<3 Colleen
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